Los Angeles Persian Parade ™

One of 2015’s most important cultural events took place on Saturday, March 21, 2015 on N. Spring Street, in front of City Hall, downtown Los Angeles – the 2015 First Annual Los Angeles Persian Parade! It was a joyous celebration of Nowrouz, the Persian New Year.

Demonstrating the unity that we all love here in America, the Parade was part of a multi-cultural event welcoming people of every background to celebrate with us.

Patterned after the very successful New York City Persian Parade – now in its twelfth year – the Los Angeles Persian Parade promises to become even larger than its East Coast cousin, after all, there are more Iranian expatriates living in Southern California than anywhere else outside of Iran. This year the New York City Persian Parade is expected to draw more than 100,000 spectators and participants on Madison Avenue. With your participation next year, the Los Angeles Persian Parade will surpass that!

The Parade is not a political event, but a cultural gathering to honor the 2,500-year history of Persia.

One of the floats, sponsored by The Delijani Family, represented the Cyrus Cylinder. The Cylinder has been called the oldest known symbol of universal human rights and is one of the most revered objects of the ancient world. A replica of the Cyrus Cylinder is on display at the United Nations in New York.

The Parade helps educate the children of expatriate Iranians about their heritage, insuring their sense of identity and ethnic pride. It also demonstrates to all Americans who we are as a people and how grateful we are to be living here in America.

The Los Angeles Persian Parade ™ is a non-profit organization.

Participants and guests at the first annual Los Angeles Persian Parade included: City officials and dignitaries, Academy Award Nominee Edward James Olmos, Academy Award Nominee Sally Kirkland, Los Angeles Persian Parade Founder Mary Apick, actor and director Parviz Sayyad, Parviz Kardan, dancers, musicians, celebrities, and the Inglewood High School Marching Band.

Mary Apick – actress, director, and human rights activist – spent four years planning and organizing the Parade. Her vision and determination led to this fabulous celebration.

The 2016 Parade had bigger floats, more dancers, more music, more food, and more fun!

Join us again in 2018! Start making your plans now.

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