The Los Angeles Persian Parade is just the beginning.  There are more than 3 million Iranian-Americans living in the United States and we would like to give everyone a chance to celebrate this springtime tradition of rebirth and renewal.  After Los Angeles, we will establish a parade in Washington, D.C..  Then a parade will be established in Toronto, Canada.  Then in several other U.S. cities.  After that, cities in Europe, Australia, South America and elsewhere.  This will become a true worldwide event.  And it will happen year after year.  In all these cities.

People already involved with the Los Angeles Persian Parade include: Sam Nazarian, Founder and CEO of SBE Entertainment Group; Khosro Semnani, CEO of S. K. Hart Management; Pier Omidyar, founder and chairman of eBay; Mori Ejabat, Chief Executive Officer of Zhone; Mahmoud Khayami, of the Khayami Philanthropic Foundation; and Anousheh Ansari, Co-founder and CEO of Telecom Technologies.